Explorer’s Program

The explorer post is essential to the future of the LVAC. It is a program that gives you an opportunity to discover the wonderful world of emergency medical services. You will get to learn and develop skills that can make a difference in your community. If your interest in joining our group meets the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 7pm. When they join they will be given a tour of our facility and meet one on one with the head advisor who will then give them a more detailed schedule.  Our Explorer post 803 is regulated by the Scouts of American and all Advisors who work with the students are properly background check and trained per the rules and regulation of LVAC and Scouts.

The explorer post is open to all youth whom have completed the 8th grade and are ages 14-21. (Upon your 21st birthday, you can apply for full volunteer member status!)


Program Highlights include:

  • AHA CPR Certification
  • Ambulance Ride-a-longs
  • Field Trips (EMS settings)
  • Training to help you prepare for handling medical emergencies
  • Preparation/help for your Certified First Responder
  • EMT Basic Classes (based on age)

Ready to Get Started in Our Explorer’s Program?

Need more information, or want to apply for our Explorer’s Program?

Fill out this quick form or email Nancy at nancyrevelas@gmail.com

Remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing. As always, stay safe.