Apply to Join LVAC

Steps to Apply:

1. Complete the document in its entirety

2. Save the document

3. Email the document to: 

Please indicate on the email subject if you are going for Paid Staff or Volunteer so we can get it to the correct parties for your application. 

4. Complete the Background release form and either email that back as well or print it out and bring to your interview.

Background Release Form

Please Note: The Background release form has to be notarized.

Additional Information:

Applicants must be at least 18 years old to become an active member of the LVAC. An Explorers Post is also available for those not meeting this minimum age requirement. Please contact the LVAC website for details regarding this program.

All members are required to attend mandatory training sessions including, but not limited to, CPR, HAZMAT, Blood borne Pathogens, and Emergency Vehicle Operations. Drivers of LVAC apparatus are required to be at least 21 years old, have a minimum of three years licensed driving experience, have a current valid operators license, and a current Emergency Vehicle Operator’s Certification. Attendants must be at least 18 years old and meet the minimum requirements dictated by the New York State Department of Health to administer emergency medical care.


LVAC has two membership types:


Volunteer Applicants applying for a volunteer membership may apply for either a driver or an attendant position. Volunteers are not required to have any emergency medical services background.  LVAC can provide assistance in obtaining minimum training requirements and hosts several classes here on a regular basis to help those needs.   All volunteer members are required to perform a minimum of 16 hours per month as well as some other requirements we will discuss during your interview process. . You will be asked to do a ride along, interview with our membership committee and physical prior to being voted in by our Board of Directors.   Additional membership expectations and requirements will be addressed at your membership interview and  orientation.

Please also note we ask that you treat the application just like a professional work application, please use professional or non family references on your application.    Thank you for your consideration in this matter.

Career Staff:

Applicants applying for career staff positions must meet WREMAC qualifications for practicing for their Level of Certification.  Career drivers are required to have a minimum certification of an EMT basic and be 21 years of age.   To become a paid member of the LVAC, your application must be voted on and approved by the board of directors at our Monthly Board Meetings and by our Medical Director.  In order for an applicant to be voted on, an application and all supporting documentation must be submitted including all additional certifications or “alphabet cards” that are required by WREMAC for your level.   You must also do WREMAC Skills testing upon being completion of orientation to be considered on-line.      LVAC hires Paid Staff for Full Time, Part Time and Per Diem based on staffing needs.   When applying if you have a preference please note that on your email to our paid staff supervisor.    If there is a specific level or shift needed to be posted at a given time, we will update our website/social media platforms to advise when the need arises.

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