About Us

Our History:

The Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corporation was incorporated in 1953 and has been responding to calls throughout all of Lancaster and Depew for over 60 years. In 2016 we expanded our coverage area, which now includes the Town and Village of Alden.

The LVAC has a combination of both paid and volunteer staff of approximately 75 members. We are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. In 2017 we added 2 new ambulances to our fleet in order to respond to the 6,000 calls a year, which gives us an available 7 BLS/ALS/Paramedic level ambulances.

We operate out of a 5-bay garage that has full amenities for our crews. Home base is centrally located within the call districts, located near Walden and Central Avenues.

Board Members:

President: Chester Popiolkowski

The President shall supervise the corporate affairs and keeps both paid staff and volunteer members informed of said affairs.

Chester Popiolkowski has been the longest serving president in the history of LVAC History.  Hes been a member since 1983 and is still active as a Driver and CPR Instructor at LVAC. When “Chet” isn’t down at LVAC taking care of business matters he is the  Production Manager, Resident Composer and Sound Designer for the Theatere of Youth where hes created over 100 productions. Chet holds a BFA in Theatere and MA in Theatere Media .  All members ultimately are under his supervision as president.

Vice President: Allison Revelas

The Vice President shall perform the President’s duties when he is unavailable.

Allison is a Life member of LVAC, she started as an explorer at 14 and made her way though the years as a director, Director of Membership, Secretary and now Vice President. She is outgoing and a great asset.   Allison is an RN at Mercy Hospital and is there Supervisor of Hospital Experience.   In her Role as VP here at LVAC she has established her role with the Paid Staff and worked well with the Paid Staff Supervisors and is the active Liaison between the board and paid staff.

Secretary: Rachel Hutter

The Secretary shall take all meeting minutes, keep all corporate records and handle all corporate correspondence.

Rachel is a student at Daemen college for her Physician Assistant Degree. Most Tuesday nights you will see Rachel riding as an EMT or EMT assistant on calls, she was our 2018 Volunteer of the year and she stepped into this role mid term last year when our Director of Operations move up to her role.

Brian Foote

The Treasurer shall keep all corporate financials in order and up to date, he will also present a report of financial status at all meetings.

Brian was here for a few years as an EMT and then left to serve our county overseas in the middle east.  Brian is a Purple Heart Recipient and helps not only in the role as Treasurer but he can be seen as a EMT and Driver as needed during the day, evening and weeks when hes not busy going to college at the University at Buffalo for Marine Biology.   He is an avid hunter and fisherman as well.

Director of Operations: Michelle Williams

The Director of Operations will oversee all EMS operations.

Michelle has been an EMT with LVAC for 3 years now and shes been our secretary for 2 our of those 3 years and now took over the role as Director of Operations.   Full time she works for Seneca Niagara Casino as a supervisor in their dispatch and helps with EMS at the casino until additional level EMS responds.   She was appointed to fill the term of Director of Operations since July of 2018 and was appointed again in 2019.   We are very proud Michelle has stepped into this role to assist us in anyway possible.  She represents us at Chief’s Meeting and at various events in the community and can be reached at 716-683-3282 ext 204

William Revelas

This Director will be the Sergeant in Arms and in charge of our yearly Fund Drive.

William is our Senior director and is our Head Dispatcher, he trains new members how to properly dispatch a couple days a week.  William is also a Firefighter for the Village of Lancaster Fire Department and works full time at the University of Buffalo in the code enforcement division.

Amy Revelas

This Director will be in charge of new volunteer membership.

Amy has been an EMT with us for many years, she works full time for the University of Buffalo as a Police Dispatcher and works with the Lancaster Drug Court.

John O’Donnell

This Director will help in our Operations and Training departments and other duties as request. 

John O’Donnell has been with LVAC since Feb 2016. He was our Volunteer Member of the Year and one of our top Volunteer Responders as a Driver.   John has worked for the Erie County Sheriff’s office for over 25 years in various jobs and locations.  He is also a volunteer with the Newstead Fire Department and really enjoys helping his community.  John is also on our Special Events committee if you have an event or need for LVAC at an event please contact him at (716) 683-3282 ext 204

Debbie Szetela

This Director will help in all departments.

Debbie has been at LVAC since 1999.  In her many years here she has served as an EMT in many roles.  Her Most recent role was the director of Training until 2017, she has continued on our QA/QI team, assist with new members as needed.

Paid Support Staff:

Paid Staff Supervisor:

David Mangus

This Supervisor will handle scheduling, payroll and oversee the paid staff.

Paid Staff Supervisor:

Mark Noworyta

This Supervisor will handle coordination of Advanced level providers and narcotics as well as overseeing the paid staff.

Paid Staff Supervisor:
Rob Sank

This Supervisor will handle all electronic PCR’s, assist with ALS and narcotics as well as overseeing the paid staff.

Building & Fleet Manager:  Coming Soon! 

This Manager will oversee and manage all building & fleet maintenance.

Training Coordinator: Lynn O’Donnell

Training coordinator is our link to updated training information and updated NYS DOH policies and procedures for patient care. They are our CME Coordinator and report to our Medical Director for educational direction as well.   Besides working for LVAC Lynn is employed by Erie County EMS as an EMS Instructor and teaches EMT/CFR Classes here and various locations in WNY.  Lynn is also on the Erie County EMS Advisory board and An Alternate on the Wyoming-Erie Regional Council.  Lynn is also  a member of the Newstead VFC and is on her 3rd term as EMS Captain. 


Purchasing Agent:
Kevin Schieber

This position will oversee and manage all stocking and ordering of all corporation equipment and supplies.

Our 2019 fund drive letter should be coming to your mailbox in the next several days, please consider making a donation to LVAC! We are here for you thanks to you!