About Us

LVAC Board at our 2022 Installation of Officers

Our History:

The Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corporation was incorporated in 1953 and has been responding to calls throughout all of Lancaster and Depew for over 70 years. In 2016 we expanded our coverage area to include the Town and Village of Alden.

LVAC has a combination staff consisting of both paid and volunteer members. We continually add to our fleet and equipment in order to provide the best service possible to our community. We respond to 7,000 calls annually.

We operate out of a 5-bay garage that is outfitted with full amenities for our crews. Home base is centrally located within the call districts, located near Walden and Central Avenues.

Board Members:

President: Chester Popiolkowski

The President oversees all corporate affairs while keeping both paid staff and volunteer staff informed.

Chester “Chet” Popiolkowski has been the longest serving president in the history of LVAC.  He has been a member since 1983 and is an AHA CPR Instructor.

Chet has worked in the performance arts community as a composer, sound designer and production manager.

Vice President: William Revelas

The Vice President shall perform the President’s duties when he is unavailable and overseas all committees. 

William has served in the past as our senior director, Sergent at arms and Head Dispatcher.  William is also an active Life Member and helps with our Hands Only CPR program.  William recently moved up to the VP role in 2023 and has retired from the University at Buffalo recently.  When he’s not at LVAC, he is an active firefighter with the Lancaster Fire Department.



Amy Revelas

The Secretary shall record all meeting minutes, maintain all corporate records and handle all corporate correspondence.

Amy Revelas has been an EMT at LVAC for many years. Like her sister, she too started at an early age as an explorer(now Junior member). Amy works full time for the University at Buffalo.


Brian Foote

The Treasurer shall keep all corporate financials in order and up to date, he will report the financial status at all monthly meetings.

Brian Foote is a veteran of the US Army, he served our county overseas in the Middle East.  Brian is a Purple Heart Recipient. He finds time in his busy schedule to enjoy his hobbies of hunting and fishing. Brian also recently became a Life Member.




Director of Operations: Keith Reed

The Director of Operations oversee all EMS operations.

Keith was appointed Director of Operations in January of 2022. He has been an EMT for approx. 15 years, and joined to see what LVAC does on the “back side of ems that he hasn’t experienced in his ems career”. Keith is also a member of the Twin District Fire Company.

Allison Revelas

Allison Revelas is a Life Member of LVAC. She started at the early age of 14 as an explorer(now Juniors) . Allison is a Registered Nurse at a local hospital.

Jonathan Hunter

Jonathan is another proud former Explorer who has moved up the ranks to our board of directors.   He is a co advisor to our Juniors program. Jonathan is also an Elder at his grandfather’s church in Buffalo.  Jonathan helps with membership and public relations and lends a hand in dispatch when needed. 

John O’Donnell

This Director will help in both our Operations, Training and Special Events

John O’Donnell has been a volunteer at LVAC since February of 2016. John has worked for the Erie County Sheriff’s office for over thirty years in various positions as a civilian employee. John recently retired with 15 years from the Scientific Division of the Erie County Sheriff’s Reserves Unit.  John also finds time in his busy schedule to also volunteer with the Newstead Volunteer Fire Company and at St Teresa’s Church in Akron. John heads our membership committee and is a AHA CPR Instructor 

Nancy Revelas

This Director helps with all the departments.

Nancy Revelas is an Active Life Member of LVAC. Nancy is the lead advisor for our Juniors program.  She currently assists on our awards, public relations and membership committees.

Paid Support Staff:

Chief of Compliance :

Rob Sank 

This supervisor oversees Patient Care and Clinical aspects of our EMS Agency as well as our admin for our EPCR and Billing Software.  Rob also assists with AHA classes as needed and is a WREMAC Preceptor 

Chief of Narcotics:

Brian Fenik

This Supervisor will handle coordination of Advanced level providers and narcotics as well as overseeing the paid staff.

Brian is also a Volunteer Firefighter at Bowmansville Volunteer Fire Association 

Fleet and Infrastructure: 

This manager will handle all Fleet Maintenace and repair scheduling and Building repairs and expansion.  Sits on the Ambulance and Building Committees.

Compliance Officer: Sarah Popiela 

This Manager handles issues with Corporate compliance and regulations

Training Coordinator: Lynn O’Donnell

The Training coordinator oversees all training components of both the paid and volunteer staff. The coordinator ensures all providers complete the standards set forth by New York state and LVAC. Also is our inhouse CME Coordinator 

Lynn has been an EMS instructor for many years teaching classes at various locations. She currently instructs for Erie County EMS and Niagara Community College at the EMT and AEMT Level. 

Purchasing Agent: Kevin Schieber

He is in charge of ordering equipment and supplies to keep our ambulances in service and keep items in stock to run our organization. 

Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Team:

Richard Abraham, Ian Lechevet, Jerren Myers

This team monitors prehospital care reports and works with our medical director to ensure various standards in patient care are met.  They also receive feedback from various hospitals on crew’s care, and patient outcomes.