As previously announced and kicked off at our open house we are hosting an online Tupperware (r) party for LVAC from April 27-May 23. Those purchasing items will be helping LVAC raise funds for some life saving equipment such as our new Zoll X Series Cardiac Monitors, our Lucas 3 CPR Device and soon to arrive power stretchers. These multiple items are helping us bring the latest life saving equipment to the citizens of our community.

The first link is for those who wish to purchase using the Facebook App.:

The second link is for those wishing to do internet sales.!/tupperconnect-parties/summary/5cb920fcc23c80ce4d164147

You can copy and paste these links to your browser to help LVAC with your purchases. LVAC Will be making at least 25% or more from the total sales. And all sales must be in by May 23rd to count for our party. We would prefer to keep this an online only sale but if you have questions you can contact Lynn O’ Donnell who is heading this fundraiser for our organization as our Development committee chair. Her email is

We truly appreciate any and all support you can give us for this new fundraiser idea.