LVAC will be “Hosting” an online Tupperware party from April 27-May 24th with a portion of the party going to LVAC. Many of you are wondering why LVAC might need to do a fundraiser since we bill for services. These reimbursements only pay for part of the cost of business. With Grants, Fundraisers and donations all help to support the cost of doing business as an independent organization. LVAC was the first independent non for profit ambulance in the area and because of fundraising, grants, and billing has been able to stay that way. Recently we have upgraded ambulances, cardiac monitors and other great equipment we need to purchase to keep providing the best services we can to the citizens of Lancaster, Depew and Alden. We would appreciate you taking a minute to look at our Tupperware links when they go Live next weekend to see if there is something you can purchase for yourself and Help LVAC at the same time. Please stop back here April 27th to see our live links and we appreciate your support!