LVAC raised $1,023.34 on April 28 during the 33rd annual Buffalo News Kids Day to benefit Women & Children’s Hospital of Buffalo.
Participants included Amanda Barton, Chester Popiolkowski, Bill Revelas, Kyle Haniszewski and friend, Kimberly Howell and friend, Tim Marshall, Kevin Przybyl and Bob Kelly.

This is the fourth consecutive year that LVAC members have been stationed at the intersection of Broadway and Transit in Depew. In those four years, LVAC has raised a total of $3,720.71 by selling newspapers to motorists with proceeds going to help with treatment of sick children at the hospital. Here are the totals raised in each of the four years:

  • 2015 — $1,023.34
  • 2014 — $876
  • 2013 — $1,021.37
  • 2012 — $800
Remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing. As always, stay safe.