LVAC’s 62nd anniversary was marked on March 21, 2015 with an installation dinner held at The Grapevine banquet room in Depew.
The evening included cocktails, dinner, installation of officers, the president’s address, the director of operation’s address and guest speaker John Abraham from the Lancaster Town Board.
“LVAC has responded to thousands of calls over the years,” President Chester Popiolkowski said in his address. “We have contributed thousands of hours to our community. We have rescued, comforted and served our citizens. And for that effort, LVAC has earned the respect and support of the community.”
The following awards were presented at the banquet:

Length of Service Awards:

  • One Year
    • Colleen Hamilton
    • Kim Howell
    • David Avery
    • Carlos Rosales
    • Kevin Schieber
    • Michael Wisniewski
    • Heather Vonhegel
  • Five Years
    • Amanda Barton
    • David Benzee
    • Robert Cuillo
    • James Honeck
    • Jerren Myers
    • Jason Whelan
    • Eric Burt
    • Matthew Chowaniec
  • Ten Years
    • Paul Schnitzer
    • Tim Marshall
    • Gary Schneider
  • 15 Years
    • Don Trzepacz
    • Kyle Haniszewski

Successful Baby Delivery:

    • Jason Kaese
    • Jim Honeck

For outstanding commitment and dedication in the line of duty we award the medal of valor to the following individuals:

  • Tim Marshall
  • Mike Wisniewski
  • Jason Kaese
  • Gary Schneider
  • Eric Burt
  • Jeff Bono

Explorer of the year:

  • Elena Armitage

Rookie of the year:

  • David Avery

Employee of the year:

  • Matthew Chowaniec

Volunteer of the year:

  • Nick Zielinski
Remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing. As always, stay safe.