Our annual fund drive appeal is now under way. This letter was sent recently to homes in Lancaster and Depew. The letter reads as follows:
Dear Neighbors,
The Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps (LVAC) is a non-profit organization that has been dedicated to providing emergency services to the residents of the Town of Lancaster, the Village of Lancaster and the Village of Depew since 1953. In the past year, LVAC’s fleet of six ambulances have driven more than 110,000 miles in response to 4,200 calls for EMS help in our community.
As part of our vehicle maintenance plan, we must refurbish two of our ambulances in 2015. Your help is needed.
A portion of the 2014 LVAC Community Fund Drive will pay for replacing the motor vehicle structure, or chassis, of two ambulances. The “box,” or medical compartment, of each ambulance can be moved onto the new vehicles.
The total cost to refurbish two ambulances is $140,000. Please note that two new ambulances would cost more than $300,000.
LVAC does not receive any financial support from tax dollars. The cost of medical training, insurance, medical supplies, facilities and vehicles are paid through third-party billing and our annual community
fund drive.
LVAC ambulances are always on the move. EMS crews respond to 911 calls and provide standby service at many community events. LVAC’s response time is better than the required national average.
Our slogan is “neighbors helping neighbors.” Your fund drive contribution will help to keep LVAC equipped and ready to go.
Thank you,
Chester J. Popiolkowski
President, Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps
LVAC welcomes new members. Please call our squad room at 683.3282 or visit lancasterambulance.org for more information.
You may also donate online securely via PayPal at lancasterambulance.org.

Remember to wear a mask and practice social distancing. As always, stay safe.