LVAC responded to 3,663 emergencies in 2013. Crews were dispatched most often for a fall victim (429), a sick person (416) and breathing problems (311). For a full list of calls by medical category, visit our call statistics page.
We are thankful for assistance at scenes from our partner agencies:

  • 1,189 (34 percent) of our calls were in Depew with the Depew Police or Fire Departments.
  • 829 calls (23.6 percent) were with the Lancaster Police Department.
  • 530 calls (15 percent) were with the Town Line Volunteer Fire Department.
  • 424 calls (12 percent) were with the Bowmansville Volunteer Fire Association.
  • 402 calls (11.5 percent) were with the Twin District Fire Company.
  • 44 calls (1.3 percent) with were the Lancaster Fire Department.
  • 31 calls (1 percent) were with the Millgrove Volunteer Fire Department.

1,988 (54.3 percent) of our calls were of a more serious nature requiring advanced life support (ALS) from EMT-Intermediates and paramedics. 1,720 (45.7 percent) of our calls were of a less serious nature requiring basic life support (BLS) from our basic EMTs.
LVAC provided 24 EMS standbys in 2013 including six special events in the village, six high school football games, six running events and six “single events” such as church lawn fetes and carnivals.
At December’s annual general membership meeting, the following LVAC members were elected to the Board of Directors: Chester Popiolkowski, president; Charlotte Basher, secretary; Greg Jankiewicz, director of training; Allison Revelas, general director; Mark Reinhard, general director.
LVAC President Chester Popiolkowski delivered these remarks at the meeting:

Our contract with the Town was renewed without incident. Again, I would like to thank Councilman John Abraham for sponsoring the resolution to renew. We have proven to our community and to ourselves that we are capable of providing the service required of us.
We are a busy organization:

  • Busy with the number of 911 calls we take for an agency our size
  • Busy with keeping things running, such as the vehicles and our building
  • Busy with the financial, human resources, public relations and general administration of our corps
  • Busy going beyond 911 and EMS by going out into the community for event standbys, participating in the food pantry drive, hands-on CPR instruction in high schools, demonstrations at schools and civic organizations, the Buffalo News Kids Day newspaper sales and others.

The EMS calls and the plethora of activities we do are all important. They are not going away. This year there may be more. It’s all part of our mission and that will not ever change. This is why volunteers need to be the first line of human resource. Volunteer participation is everyone’s concern. For my part, I pledge to work shoulder to shoulder with Operations, Training and anyone else who wants to be involved to make improvements in this area.
Things are improving, but we still have a way to go. We have the talent and skills necessary to achieve our goals.

Summer is finally here! Have fun but please stay safe!