LVAC’s Explorers led the way with our banner.

More than 30 of LVAC’s highly-trained EMTs, paramedics, drivers and dispatchers provided continuous emergency medical coverage during Lancaster’s 2013 Independence Day celebration.
Crews responded to a variety of calls at the festival ranging from minor cuts to more serious calls such as chest pain and difficulty breathing.
In addition, LVAC members marched in the parade and provided EMS standby during a 10k race and fireworks.
LVAC’s operations department organized the standby.
“All of our crews provided excellent coverage throughout the entire weekend,” said assistant director of operations Dan McCarthy, who led LVAC’s command of the detail. “I am very proud of all our members for stepping up and making this year’s standby an overwhelming success.”
LVAC wishes to thank Performance Advantage Company for allowing LVAC to use PAC’s building as its base.
LVAC members who provided assistance during the event included Bill Revelas, Steve Carlo, Larry Pohl, Polly Thoman, Paul Welker, Chester Popiolkowski, Greg Jankiewicz, Mark Wetzler, Debbie Szetela, Paul Schnitzer, Brian Nosbisch, Tim Marshall, Todd Okoniewski, Jeff Bono, Allison Revelas, Charlie Basher, Mark Reinhard, Amanda Popiolkowski, Joseph Popiolkowski, Tom McQuade, Mark Reed, Kyle Rzeszutek, Amy Revelas, Bryan Park, Andrew Parker, Ryan Wager, Chris Beehag, Dan McCarthy, Taqua Jordan, Ron Stock, Shervin Saniei, Scott Marciano, Laurie Plewinski and Alex Sharkey.
LVAC’s career staff and Explorers were also integral to our successful standby.

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