LVAC assistant operations director Larry Pohl discusses the 12-lead EKG — a method of monitoring heart rhythms.

The LVAC operations department held a training session on Feb. 21 for its basic EMTs and drivers to become familiar with the life-saving equipment used in the field by advanced EMS providers.
For serious medical emergencies such as difficulty breathing or chest pain, LVAC sends an ALS (advanced life support) crew, which is trained in complex procedures such as airway intubation, intravenous therapy and many others.
Basic EMTs can assist them by preparing the equipment for use and anticipating the paramedic’s needs on scene when seconds are critical. Led by LVAC operations director Greg Jankiewicz, students were allowed to handle the equipment and ask questions about their use.
For example, LVAC assistant operations director Larry Pohl demonstrated how an EMT could set up a 12-lead EKG, which displays a patient’s cardiac rhythm on a monitor.
Also displayed were blood draw kits and the EZ-IO Intraosseous Infusion System.

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