LVAC EMTs Amy Revelas, Alli Revelas and Kyle Rezutec on stand by Friday night for the Lancaster-Depew football game.

LVAC is often close by just in case we’re needed. LVAC’s EMTs have provided many EMS standby services during the last month at no cost to the organizations or taxpayers. LVAC partners with the community to provide ambulances and highly-trained EMS personnel at events in Lancaster and Depew. It’s just one of many ways LVAC shares its expertise with the communities it serves.
LVAC volunteers were on hand recently at the Lancaster vs. Depew football game held Oct. 14 at Depew High School. LVAC provided 3 vehicles (2 ambulances and a paramedic fly car) and 7 volunteers for the EMS stand by. In addition, LVAC took part in Lancaster’s motorcade earlier in the day.

LVAC assistant director of operations Tim Marshall takes part in a “live burn” on Sunday in Depew.

In addition, EMTs were on hand to support Depew firefighters at a training exercise called a “live burn” on Oct. 16 in Depew. See more photos from the burn.
LVAC has also provided standby services to other fire departments at their open houses this month.

Summer is finally here! Have fun but please stay safe!