“The residents of Lancaster have a personal relationship with LVAC that they value.”

The Lancaster Town Board unanimously approved a one-year contract with the Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps on Feb. 7.
The board voted after Supervisor Robert H. Giza thanked LVAC members and President Chester Popiolkowski for their patience and good faith during the negotiation process.
Popiolkowski addressed the board at the end of the meeting and expressed gratitude for the contract. He also thanked residents for their continued support.
30 LVAC volunteers and paid staff were in attendance. Read more about the Feb. 7 meeting in The Buffalo News article, “Board approves one-year pact with ambulance corps.”
LVAC President Chester Popiolkowski made the following statement to the Lancaster Town Board:

On behalf of the members of the Lancaster Volunteer Ambulance Corps, I want to thank the Town board and Supervisor Giza for approving the agreement for EMS service.
I also want to thank the residents of the Town of Lancaster for their strong support of LVAC.
During the course of the discussions regarding this contact, LVAC members were approached in stores, on the streets and through calls and messages to our base, by people who wanted to thank us again for being there.
I think it has become clear, that the residents of Lancaster have a personal relationship with LVAC that they value.
LVAC is also recognized in the medical community for the professional character of its operation and the superior skills and knowledge of its members.
57 years ago, Lancaster citizens formed a reserve ambulance corps to serve the emergency needs of the community. The town supported and invested in the development of that organization and it grew into what we now call The Lancaster volunteer Ambulance Corps.
We are glad that we will continue to work together.
Volunteers manage LVAC and volunteers respond to the majority of EMS calls. Adding our paid support staff was a logical initiative to keep pace with a growing town. But the heart of LVAC, is volunteer citizens.
The role of volunteers, in safeguarding a community, is a long tradition in this country. These men and women are willing to put in time, energy, commitment in order to protect the community where they raise their families and live their lives.
Going forward, LVAC will continue to work with the town government, volunteer fire departments, the police department, and office of emergency management to provide the best care to the citizens of Lancaster.
Thank You.

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