In the October 2010 newsletter read about LVAC’s new paramedic-level emergency response vehicle and renovations made inside our headquarters.LVAC’s new Fly Car is here!
LVAC has purchased a new Paramedic level fly car through Hoselton Chevrolet in Rochester, NY.
The 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe, is outfitted with advance life saving equipment including a Zoll Monitor for defibrillation and twelve lead EKGs, CPAP, and capnography.
The vehicle also carries life saving drugs, a Rad 57 monitor to detect Carbon Monoxide levels in the blood, as well as an EZ IO for advanced intravenous access. A cooler for new hypothermic cardiac arrest therapy is also installed. Other features include a laptop computer hookup for electronic prehospital care reports, advanced fire, EMS, and government frequency radios.
The new vehicle is equipped with several new safety features. One of the most noticeable being the graphics on the back, called chevrons, which make the vehicle more visible. A built in spotlight, trunk lights, and advanced siren system provide safety for LVAC staff as well as the public.
The old 700, now 900, has become the Director of Operations new vehicle. The 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe received a fresh coat of paint and new graphics. A new radio system for better communication and laptop hookup were also installed.
The Director of Operations previous vehicle has become LVACs new Basic Level fly car.

Summer is finally here! Have fun but please stay safe!